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In 1989, the parents of children united in order to do their best to help their children make a full recovery from cancer. The issues of treating children suffering with cancer were brought to the attention of public and the authorities.

The main purpose of Iskorka Charity Foundation is to ensure that all the children diagnosed with cancer in the Chelyabinsk region have all the necessary resources for recovery, rehabilitation, and a high quality of life; to facilitate early detection of cancers.

Iskorka supervises and supports
— families with children undergoing or finished treatment for cancer or hematology diseases, their siblings and parents;
— young adults aged 18-24 years;
— the population of the Chelyabinsk region involved in the prevention of blood diseases.

Iskorka is a member of CCI —Childhood Cancer International – and professionally implements socially significant projects aimed at providing financial assistance and conducting rehabilitation activities. It provides transparent public reporting on all financial resources and is a partner of public authorities.